Why Women’s Political Leadership Matters: Spotlight on Climate & Finance – A High-Level Breakfast Exchange

Open Society Institute, 224 West 57th Street, New York, NY 10019 Open Society Institute, 224 West 57th Street, New York

Do women politicians govern differently? Evidence indicates yes. Women Political Leaders’ upcoming report 'Representation Matters' shows that in countries with higher women’s political representation, more inclusive and non-discriminatory legislation is passed, furthering women’s economic and legal opportunities. There’s also evidence that more women’s representation in parliaments means the adoption of more stringent climate change policies...


Thriving Politicians for a Thriving Planet: Why Politicians’ Mental Wellbeing and Inner Development Matter for Climate Policy

Solutions House 30 East 23rd Street, 8th Floor, New York

Addressing climate change is a challenge public leaders will only achieve if they are performing to the best of their abilities. On 21 September, The Apolitical Foundation, Inner Development Goals and Leadership Now Project will convene a diverse group of leaders from inside and outside politics as we reveal new research insights and discuss why...