Education Futures: Education Reimagined

Goals House Goals House, Tavern on the Green, 67th Street & Central Park West New York, 10023, New York

As world leaders meet for the UN Transforming Education Summit, education activists and changemakers from around the world come together at a dinner, hosted by Salzburg Global Seminar and partners, for a conversation about the future of education. The education crisis has been exacerbated by multiple and convergent societal, climate and health crises. As the...

A World at Risk of Escalating Infectious Disease: Why a Global Approach is Imperative to Build Resilient Solutions

Goals House, Tavern on the Green New York City

New infectious diseases are emerging and diseases we thought the world had overcome are re-emerging. There is a need to bring together collective wisdom and experience to tackle this issue. This high-level breakfast roundtable, hosted by Wellcome, will discuss with representatives from governments, multilaterals, industry and civil society, how we can keep infectious diseases on...

Challenging the Status Quo for Our Sustainable Future: Promoting Health, Equity and Resilience

Goals House, Tavern on the Green New York City

We are facing a critical moment. There is urgency to change the status quo of what we invest in and promote the values we uphold — health, education, women for example — for inclusive growth and equity. One of the most impactful levers for change in improving health and other outcomes is also one we...