Responsible Leaders Reception

Cure 345 Park Avenue South, New York

Given the strong overlap and mission alignment with Obama Foundation (OF) and their global network of Obama Fellows, we will host this reception in partnership with them. We will also have approx. 20 spots for partners such as B Lab, MIT Solve, Latimpacto, and others.

Agenda Setting for the Genomics Centres of Excellence in Africa including Research Cooperation and Capacity Building

Cure 345 Park Avenue South, New York

Genomics has the potential to improve health outcomes in Africa significantly. Genomic research can help identify genetic variations that are associated with increased susceptibility to certain diseases prevalent in Africa, such as malaria, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and sickle cell disease. By understanding the genetic factors underlying these conditions, healthcare providers can develop targeted interventions, early detection...

Inclusive Science for Global Sustainable Development in a Climate-changing World

Cure 345 Park Avenue South, New York

Man has been striving to improve its well-being over centuries. Production of goods and services is needed for the economic growth and well-being of nations. Several inventions over many centuries have resulted in longer life expectancies, wealth creation, industrialization, urbanization, etc. However, these achievements come at invaluable costs to man and the environment. Anthropogenic activities...