Bringing the 75th UN General Assembly to the world.

UNGA and related events • September & October 2020

Climate Change, Deforestation, and Global Pandemics

Climate Change, Deforestation and Global Pandemics: Addressing Complex Environmental, Health & Social Issues through Systematic Approaches This event, hosted and moderated by Johnson & Johnson (J&J), will bring together thought leaders from the realms of public health, climate science, and forest conservation to discuss how we can work across disciplines and sectors together at the...

COVID 50/50 Action Lab 2: Women, Leadership, & Power

Female health and social care workers deliver the majority of care in all settings and the barriers they face at work undermine their own well-being and constrain progress on gender equality. As demands for health care rise due to COVID-19, existing challenges are exacerbated and new pressures for health and social care workers are created...