Boosting the Employability of Young People through Innovative Partnerships

SAP New York Office

Marking the mid-point in the timeline for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, 2023 sees the Goals painfully behind their targets, with a dire need for additional attention, prioritization, and resources to achieve their ambitions. A key tenet of the SDGs’ vision is that of cross-sectoral and innovative collaboration at a scale unseen before -...

The Power and Possibility of Cooperatives

SAP New York Office

The global cooperative movement is over 200 years old, includes 2.6 million cooperative societies, boasts over 1 billion members, and commands a combined turnover of US$3 trillion among just the largest 300 cooperatives across the world. It is bigger in terms of membership than the trade union movement, economically more powerful than several G20 nations,...